Winning the Brain Game

Winning the Brain Game 8.90

This CD ROM, designed to help inspire you to reach your maximum potential
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SumTotal Systems, Inc.

This CD ROM, designed to help any person studying for and taking any exam, is produced to inspire them to maximise their potential. If you have a PC you can load it, but you will need your imagination, open-mindedness and a sense of fun to make it work.
Originally conceived for professionals it has sold more than 3900 copies at the time of writing (February 2008) and has proved an invaluable resource for schools, more mature study victims and those exploring the newly discovered limitlessness of memory and imagination.
Although learning and the attaining of qualifications is a serious matter Neil Taylor strongly believes that it should be approached in an energetic, stimulating and fun way. Winning The Brain Game is for any exam student who wants study to be effective, creative, memorable and even inspirational, and who also wants to do justice to the long hours of study where it most counts - in the exam room.

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